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Sexy Utopia – press release

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

When a combination of events beyond his control and his own yearning for something more forces Owen Woods to take up residence as a member of a new, unseen society, he finds he must overcome personal as well as societal demons in Marcus Flemmings’ steamy new novel, Sexy Utopia (now available through Amazon).

Owen Woods, a lethargic “9 to 5-er” with no future or aspirations, is dumped by his long-term girlfriend because he has never told her he loves her. Now, with no hope or direction in life, he sets off to find the meaning of love. It is through this search that he stumbles upon a revolution taking place on the London Underground trains. On the last carriage of the Victoria Line every night, a revolution is taking place. Men and women are there “spreading the love.” But will Owen find what he seeks within this weird cult?

Within the New Revolution, he meets woman after woman; the theory is that, through this practice, love will eventually be spread to everyone. His lack of understanding about what love is comes to haunt Owen as he indulges his fantasies far beyond the point of excess. Eventually, his lackadaisical attitude chafes against the two most important rules of New Revolution: Never say no (he draws the line at having sex with a man); and always spread love. Having become a rule-breaker, he is now a target for New Revolutionaries and finds himself in peril. Out of this danger, Owen finally finds direction in life and realizes what true love really means.

A lively romantic comedy about the conflicts that pervade modern society, Sexy Utopia is a ride on the Underground unlike any other.

Flemmings is an aspiring writer and director. He has three short films to his credit, but Sexy Utopia is his first novel. He describes the book as semi-autobiographical and believes a real New Revolution should take place on the Underground. Why? “Because we all need a shake-up … first we had communism, now we have apathy,” he says. “Everything revolves around us being apathetic. We need strong new leaders and even stronger followers.”

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Cover Image of the novel

Cover Image of the novel