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…the journey to end begins…

September 28, 2009 1 comment

…23:24 I should be attempting to sleep, rest up my “over zealous” mind. Full of junk mainly…words that string together nice sentences…or so I’d like to think…

However, 23:25 now, and I begin to embark on finishing my first ever play entitled Truth.

4 Weeks ago on a smooth train ride home from Edinburgh, Scotland — after a poignant and random episode — I wrote the WHOLE play in my little black book of notes (which resembles a police officers note book). Since then I have had the task of typing it up all…this is is the hard part! But no task ever worth doing was easy!

So 23:29 and I endeavour to finish it…!


Sexy Utopia – press release

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

When a combination of events beyond his control and his own yearning for something more forces Owen Woods to take up residence as a member of a new, unseen society, he finds he must overcome personal as well as societal demons in Marcus Flemmings’ steamy new novel, Sexy Utopia (now available through Amazon).

Owen Woods, a lethargic “9 to 5-er” with no future or aspirations, is dumped by his long-term girlfriend because he has never told her he loves her. Now, with no hope or direction in life, he sets off to find the meaning of love. It is through this search that he stumbles upon a revolution taking place on the London Underground trains. On the last carriage of the Victoria Line every night, a revolution is taking place. Men and women are there “spreading the love.” But will Owen find what he seeks within this weird cult?

Within the New Revolution, he meets woman after woman; the theory is that, through this practice, love will eventually be spread to everyone. His lack of understanding about what love is comes to haunt Owen as he indulges his fantasies far beyond the point of excess. Eventually, his lackadaisical attitude chafes against the two most important rules of New Revolution: Never say no (he draws the line at having sex with a man); and always spread love. Having become a rule-breaker, he is now a target for New Revolutionaries and finds himself in peril. Out of this danger, Owen finally finds direction in life and realizes what true love really means.

A lively romantic comedy about the conflicts that pervade modern society, Sexy Utopia is a ride on the Underground unlike any other.

Flemmings is an aspiring writer and director. He has three short films to his credit, but Sexy Utopia is his first novel. He describes the book as semi-autobiographical and believes a real New Revolution should take place on the Underground. Why? “Because we all need a shake-up … first we had communism, now we have apathy,” he says. “Everything revolves around us being apathetic. We need strong new leaders and even stronger followers.”

Read it here.

Cover Image of the novel

Cover Image of the novel


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Surrender your heart to me.
Take my breath away.
Place me next to your soul.

(based on a song of the same name from the Niraj Chag album The Lost Souls)


Untitled You

September 27, 2009 3 comments

A Rainbow by definition just wouldn’t the same, You are the sun, colours and rain, You are the thing beyond bliss with no name.



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Wake up baby I got something to say
Actually lay there and simply just lay
I’ll tell you what I need to say in my mind

You are my new day
And then at night I look up to view the moon
And think my day has come to an end too soon

Before you, my eyes were permanently shut
I was colour blind.
Everyday was a permanent gaze of grey
Now I see the colour of your eyes in my every thought
The shape of your smile,
The gentle breeze reminds me of your voice
I pray for a gusty storm for all time
Your words would then be my life partner

I try and imagine a world without your presence
There is none.
Am I meant to say all this to you?
Give away the game?
Will your love for me then remain the same?

This is the period of the Honeymoon
Can’t give away my love and true thoughts too soon
So sleep baby I have nothing to say
I’ll observe you and cherish this moment
Lay baby lay.


(It’s all about) L.O.V.E

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This is the place where I’ll update my thoughts – share these moments I have that are too brief and sparse to be contained yet too emphatic to remain untold.

Through these words I shall build paths to something great.

Stories, poems and parables – words and ramblings.

Never elaborate and always unique.

My silent verbal episodes.

These tales are all about L.O.V.E