Eulogy: 143

February 8, 2011 1 comment

Deeper and deeper I delve
My ultimate plan shelved.

Emotions revealed?

I think not Mercutio!

Aye…a scratch…just a scratch…in my heart.
A plague upon your houses? Nah just in my mind.

My lonely soul wanders the streets like a stray dog.
It knows not its way home.

Belief, the lacking metaphorical bone.
Once I believed in forever more.
Now let me weep over the corpse of my dead credence in it.

Take the Poison to my lips. Pass from this coil.
I fear it will not awake next to me and do the same in my honour.


Rest in peace my whimsical young foolish mind.



June 19, 2010 Leave a comment

I am a robot. Same path. Same day. Same speeches in my head. Same resistance to receive. Same reasons not to believe. Same thoughts in my mind. So many pre-designed reasons why to rhyme. Same futile desire to go to bed on time. Synced in with my peers. My mechanical dreams of a life beyond. Same old obsolete hanging on. The only that changes is you. But I’ve already explored that avenue. Now your weak whim to be different is merely the same. So prematurely ends your game. We are the robot.

‘”Fiction is where we all dwell; its so much happier here.”

May 20, 2010 Leave a comment

‘”Fiction is where we all dwell; its so much happier here.”

Photography: Raw Cube
Art Direction & Post Production: Marcus Flemmings
Make-up & Hair: Sharina Madlani & Ifat Raja
Model: Sapna Pabbi

Words by Marcus Flemmings.

What I am.

May 5, 2010 Leave a comment

I was the difference between civil rights and you hanging from a tree.
The difference between fighting for what you believe and settling for what you merely receive.
Between landing on the moon and guessing what’s above, all too soon.
Between a happy family with two parents and a child who knows only hurt and pain.
Between community and discourse.
I was the thing that kept your kids safe on the street rather than dead on their feet.
I was the difference between having something to wake up for – man, they just don’t care no more.
Apathy just reigns free.
They got no use for me.

But this was back in the day when I mattered. Back in the back when I meant something.

Truth – the stageplay script finished!

April 12, 2010 Leave a comment

After nearly a year in the making the script for, Truth the stageplay has been finished.

It took a helluva lotta work to turn what, essentially, is a 10minute piece into a stageplay script.

Truth, my first ever film I made back in 2005, had an original script which consisted of just 4 pages of dialgoue and the rest said ‘insert racism here’ as I used actors and friends to come up with their own stereotypical and racial monologues.

Transforming a 4 page script into a lengthy and meaningful piece of work was hard work (hence the length of time it’s taken) but I proud of it like a newborn.

So now the next step is to do a read through with some great actors and make the script tighter before eventually getting it on stage of the adoring (I hope) public!

Here’s the link to Truth the film.


April 7, 2010 Leave a comment

So with a lack of warning, to my love for being meticulous, comes my own digital art.

My love for Love and Art have now taken on this form – enjoy! I know I will.

…one boat sails…another enters the port…

February 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Happiness, my online book ends today.

It has been a special experience, writing in an impromptu fashion with minor editing.

All of which will add to the final quality of my next book….

Read the last chapters here.

Time for a new venture in the world of Flemmings, M.

A new muse and a new platform for my own musings.

Possibly starting with the finishing of Bella.

View the trailer here:

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